The Hourglass Online Portal gives 4 Hour Funding Brokers complete control of their applications and provides real-time updates on each deal whenever and wherever.

Hourglass Key Features Include:

  • Opportunity Dashboard
    • In real-time, view your account details such as your monthly bonus status, funded amount/backlog (past 60 days), the status of your applications, DocuSign document status, and more.
  • DocuSign Status
    • In real-time, quickly see the status of each of your DocuSign documents out for signatures. Click the opportunity to access your checklists to submit documents (if needed).
  • Send Quotes
    • Quickly and easily send a quote (editable or non-editable) and/or equipment financing applications to new or existing customers.
  • Today's Credit Decision Times
    • In real-time, see how long 4 Hour Funding's Credit Investigation, Review, and Approval average times are for the current business day.
  • Active Applications
    • In real-time, see which stage each of your deals is currently in along with which credit analyst is reviewing your deal.
  • My Vendors
    • See an archive of all your Vendors along with their pre-funding terms and status.
  • My History
    • See an archive of all your deals ever submitted.

Complete the form to request access to Hourglass.

Note: Hourglass activation/support is only available from M-F 9 am - 5 pm (CST). 

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